Around 1915, Thomas M. Barnhardt (top right)

Thomas M. Barnhardt's vision of a future for his family shaped the future of a company. A pioneer in spirit, Tom Barnhardt established a company dedicated to quality, customer, country, and family. His foresight of things to come allowed the company he founded to build on the successes of other industries in a newly industrialized nation. These initial successes led the company in various directions, branching into different, yet related industries.

Even though Barnhardt operates in various industries, the roots are the same. Established in 1900, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company began operation by producing layered batting made from unbleached cotton fibers. This padding laid the groundwork for two distinctively different corporate divisions - Barnhardt Manufacturing Company and North Carolina Foam Industries.

The cotton textile side of the company has broadened in scope, supplying cotton products to many new markets. The business that began by supplying cotton batting for cushioning material has developed into a major worldwide supplier of bleached cotton for medical, health and beauty aids, and nonwoven fabrics. Our original bleachery was built in 1929. Recognizing the growing demand for bleached cotton, Barnhardt constructed a new bleachery in 1979 and expanded it once again a decade later. Throughout its growth, Barnhardt's focus has always been -- and continues to be -- pointed toward the highest quality standards, customer commitment, and support of the local community.

In addition to providing bleached cotton fiber to companies worldwide, Barnhardt supplies their own divisions (Richmond Dental, Carolina Absorbent Cotton, Carolina Beauti-Products, and IntrinsicsĀ®) with bleached cotton fiber.

The foam side of the business, North Carolina Foam Industries (NCFI), was started in 1964. As polyurethane foam was quickly replacing cotton batting as a seat cushion material, NCFI grew quickly in the High Point and Hickory, North Carolina furniture markets. NCFI now offers over 150 grades of polyurethane foam for a wide variety of applications. They also manufacture polyurethane foam chemical systems for spray foam insulation, roofing, and other applications. NCFI operates a Rebond Carpet Underlay operation in Dalton, Georgia that recycles foam scraps and produces top quality carpet pad.Ā 


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